I Want a New Vehicle. Or Do I? (Vehicle Maintenance Payoffs)

April 11, 2021

Spring is a peak season for vehicle sales; companies aggressively market new models and offer all sorts of incentives. So you may be tempted to buy a shiny new beauty. But should you? If you've regularly maintained the vehicle you're driving now, you probably don't NEED a new one. Even if your... More

What to Do in Case of an Accident in Wesley Chapel

April 4, 2021

Screeching tires, crunching metal it's an accident! If you've ever been in a car accident in Wesley Chapel, even a minor one, you know how upsetting it can be. It's hard to think straight and know what to do.Let's review what Wesley Chapel drivers should do in case of an accident:When an accide... More

In a Fog (Fogged Windows in Cold Weather)

March 28, 2021

It's bad enough in cold weather when ice and snow block your visibility. Add to that fog on the inside of your windows and you could be driving blind. So here are a few tips on how to keep your windows from fogging up when there's a chill in the air. You probably know fog is really condensation... More

The Right Automotive Fluids for Wesley Chapel Drivers

March 21, 2021

All those automotive fluids can be confusing for Wesley Chapel drivers. Recent years have brought new grades of engine oil, types of transmission fluid, coolant and brake fluid. The right fluid protects your vehicle and helps it perform at its best. The wrong fluid won't work as well and could ev... More

Drive Train - What You Need to Know in Wesley Chapel

March 14, 2021

One Wesley Chapel automotive service issue that doesn't get much attention is driveline service. Drivelines don't get talked about very much around Wesley Chapel, but they're very important. First let's define what the driveline is:Taking a small step back, the power plant is comprised of the eng... More

Wesley Chapel, FL Winter Prep Service for Your Auto

March 7, 2021

When winter approaches in FL, Wesley Chapel residents break out the sweaters, coats, boots and mittens. We want to be ready for FL winter conditions. Your vehicle needs to be ready for winter as well. The last thing Wesley Chapel residents want is to get stranded out in the cold. You need your ve... More

Fuel Saving Tip: Car Weight and Your FL Driving

February 28, 2021

Weight is the enemy of fuel economy. Everyone from Wesley Chapel knows this makes sense.Some of us in the Wesley Chapel area carry a bunch of unnecessary weight, and I'm not talkin' what you see in the mirror.Guys: sports equipment and tools. Ladies: well, just take a look around the passenger co... More

See the Light (Automatic High Beam Dimmers)

February 21, 2021

It's happened to all of us. We're driving down a highway at night and over a crest appears a car with its high beams blazing. You are momentarily blinded, hoping the other driver will switch them to their low beam setting and restore your vision. Not only do we not appreciate being blinded, fac... More

Prepare Your Windshield for Winter (Wiper Blades and Fluid for Freezing Temperatures)

February 14, 2021

Winter and freezing temperatures present challenges for different parts of your vehicles. For example, winter tires give you better traction on snow. But some parts of your vehicle that may need special attention for winter are your windshield wipers. You may have found yourself in the middle o... More

Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Wesley Chapel Advice on What to Pour into Your Vehicle

February 7, 2021

Changes in vehicle design and manufacture have resulted in changed fluid requirements for our vehicles. With the sophistication of engines, transmissions, differentials, etc., it's best for Wesley Chapel residents to always use the proper type of fluid for their vehicle. Using incorrect fluids c... More