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“Had a minor problem with car. Made an appointment. Got in and out again in a few minutes. Chris explained what was happening. I found him to be honest and professional. I recommend this Tuffy Auto Service Center.”

Terry K

Aug 13, 2020 – Tampa, FL

“I called for an appointment yesterday for mustang was running rough all of a sudden.i had no wait.Gary was my tech this time.he came to me after only a few minutes and asked if I had any repairs on my car recently.i said no. I only come here.i trust you guy's.he said come look.he showed me where someone had disconnected something on my car.i asked if maybe it came loose.he assured me there was no way it had come loose.he reconnected and said there was no only took him a minute.that's what I love about these guy's.i'm a woman and I've been ripped off not knowing about mechanics.they are so is a place for the women to feel safe and secure.i would'nt dream of going anywhere else to have work done on my car.they are the best.i did come back and tip him for his you guy's ❤️”

Anita Miller

Jul 08, 2020 – Lutz, FL

“Outstanding service. Definitely above and beyond. Got a late night flat and AAA towed to this shop after they closed. I took an uber home and then back the next morning to see about getting the tired repaired. I had already spent over $60 in ubers and was bracing for an expensive quote as Im used to with the tire shops around my home. Turns out they didnt have my tire and stock and it would have been a few hour wait just to get it the tire delivered. I was frustrated after a long weekend of driving capped with the flat 35 minutes from home. Tim called a shop down the street, asked if they had my size and then coordinated a rep to give me a ride to pick up the tire and bring back for them to mount it. Saved me hours of waiting and completely turned around my day. Thanks to the staff here for the outstanding service and for going the extra mile.”

Michael W

Nov 04, 2019 – Odessa, FL

“I went to Tuffys located in Wesley chapel couple weeks ago to have someone look over my car & make sure that I was not low on oil & that all my tires were set & let me tell you. Great guys that work there & affordable prices! Tim is very good at what he does! Gary & Brett are wonderful at what they do aswell! When I went into tuffys with my car I did see a new face in these & he goes by Jr. Very nice & polite handsome man! Jr made sure my oil was topped off & that my tires were all set to where they are suppose to be & he even made sure my windshield fluid was full aswell! He also took the time out of his own day to get me new caps for my valve stem due to me only having 1. His exact word was “ Ma’am I can’t let you leave this shop without having all matching caps”. I honestly thought that was the most nicest & sweetest thing in the world!! So Thank you JR for making sure my car & I were safe to travel! ” J

Jun 24, 2019 – Wesley chapel, FL

“I visited Tuffy Wesley Chapel, FL location to have my car repaired. I was greeted by Chris (Service Advisor) in a friendly, very helpful, and professional manner. Chris quickly began the service on my car. He took his time to meticulously demonstrate and thoroughly explained each recommended repair that was needed for my vehicle to become operational again. He treated me as a valued customer at all time and helped in my repair decision. Chris is amazing! Gary (Service Technician) is incredible! He understood and was empathetic to my concerns about the needed repairs. Gary, reassured me my car would be repaired. He treated my car as if it was his own. Gary completed a very comprehensive, full, and extensive vehicle repair in a very timely manner. Tim (Manager) is the calming force. I needed to have my car towed to an auto repair service center. I didn't know where to go or where to start. I called Wesley Chapel, FL Tuffy Auto Service Center and spoke with Tim. He listened to my concerns and calmly explained what was needed to determined the cause of my vehicle issues. After, speaking with Tim, I knew that I didn't need to make another call (that was my first and only phone call). I knew Tuffy would take care all of my vehicle needs. I was right...Tuffy did! While speaking with Tim, I knew there was a TRUST and RAPPORT being developed. Tuffy earned my business, because, of the conversation and how I was treated by Tim from the first point of phone contact . Tim is awesome! If one is looking for a business that puts it's customers first and values their time. I strongly recommend taking your vehicle to Wesley Chapel, FL. Tuffy Auto Service Center. The staff will treat you with great courtesy and respect. Thank you Tuffy Auto Service Center for returning my vehicle to it's original operation!”

Vickie R

Oct 30, 2018 – Wesley Chapel, FL

“they did all work and were very courteous .Tim was very up on all work on the car. We will use his service again .,THANK YOU ALL ”

doug g

Nov 29, 2017 – zephyrhills, FL

“I went to have a tire repaired. They explained that the tire's tread wear was such they could not repair, and showed me the physical proof. They found a great set of tires for my BMW for half of what I would have paid at BMW shop, Tires are great, price was great and service was very good.”

Fran R

Apr 04, 2017 – Land O Lakes, FL

“I can not say enough good things about Tuffy of Wesley Chapel! They are wonderful! They are honest, trustworthy, courteous, and they do great work. There is low staff turnover so it feels very much like a small, local business. They care about the customers. This past Christmas Eve, my older vehicle had broken down. I limped it into Tuffy where they immediately took it in to repair it. They stayed open late to fix my van. They went above and beyond to help me. That is the way they always are! I trust them completely and i recommend them to everyone I know. ”

Andrea S

Feb 11, 2017 – Wesley Chapel , FL

“I was happy with the service and knowledge.thank you”

carol daly

Jun 27, 2016 – , FL

“I'm so glad I found you. I drive a foreign car and the dealerships are so expensive. You have provided service that is quality, reliable, and a great price. Thank you.”

Merrilee K

Feb 24, 2016 – tampa, FL

“I am driving my 2005 Honda Accord. It has 174,000 miles and I totally credit Tuffy with the fact that she is still on the road. They are honest, take the time to explain what they are doing and why, and are quick. I buy my tires there and they have done all my work. One of the ways I judge a place is how long the employees are there. There are familiar faces when I go and they know my car. Always a plus. ”

Debra L

Feb 23, 2015 – Magley, FL

“Great shop. The guys are friendly and and there shop is located very close to my house. My buddy takes his Toyota there all the time to get work on it and it's always done that afternoon or the following day. I plan on taking my dodge truck there tomorrow for a alignment and talking to all the guys again. ”

Shelby L

Jul 21, 2014 – Wesley chapel, FL

“These guys are awsome! Great prices great work!”

tia d

Jul 21, 2014 – wesley chapel, FL

“Thank you Tuffy Wesley Chapel! You guys are my heroes! I'm so glad my tire went flat right by your shop on my way to class. Your guys had my tire changed in a jiffy and I made it on time for my last final exams. Thanks to you guys (and four years of hard work). I'm a college graduate! ”

Marissa P

Jun 11, 2013 – Wesley Chapel , FL